Those designer handbag dupes...

Designer handbags seem to be flooding my instagram feed right now. First it was the YSL tassel clutch and now the Chloe faye... and I am just so freaking obsessed with them. However, unfortunately if like me you don't have a spare 2k to go and blow on a handbag, hunting down a dupe seems the only sensible option left. 

After having a little mooch I was quite impressed with how many "inspired' versions of the chloe faye I have actually managed to find. The first one I spotted was on good old Ebay and was at an affordable £17.90 - unfortunately though they didn't have any of the colours I wanted in stock but they may get them back in so its worth just popping over every now and then to have a look! So the search continued and by the off chance I ended up strolling across an instagram called Pretty Lavish. If you haven't heard of them they are a fairly new online website and have some beautiful clothing items as well as accessories. I noticed a picture of a bag on their Instagram of what looked like a chloe bag and my gosh I fell in love! I mean it's not an exact match by any means but to be honest with you I'm happy with that. I don't want to look like i'm trying to pass of a fake bag as the real deal,  I just like the style of the bag and so to have something inspired suits me perfectly! For £36 I couldn't be happier with my Chloe inspired bag,  it is such good quality and I love that is has lots of compartments and pockets to shove your numerous bits and bobs in! It also doubles up as a clutch with removable straps which is another little bonus!

Here are some other dupes that I have also stumbled across... I am getting quite into my grey palette at the moment so will most probably be definitely purchasing the one from yesstyle - for £18.90 you just can't go wrong!

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Sinead Gaffney said...

I love that bag! I need to get it. I also like the M&S one too x

Sinead |

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