Valentines day in Amsterdam

For those of you that are subscribed to me on my youtube channel you will know that this year I was surprised with the best valentines gift of my 6 year relationship - a weekend trip to Amsterdam! *major boyfriend points right there* So after experiencing a few days in Amsterdam I wanted to type up just a quick post about it all. I know I already did a vlog on this but I wanted to go into that bit more detail about my trip just so if you are thinking of going to Amsterdam you can maybe get some advice / must see's etc!

First up I will start off with the hotel. We stayed at the beautiful Ramada Apollo centre, a 4* hotel situated just outside of the centre and I can honestly say my stay from start to finish was nothing but amazing. Firstly there is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel which we thought was such a good extra as taxi's/transfers to your hotel from the airport can normally be quite pricey! The hotel itself is a high rise and to be honest looks absolutely nothing from the outside... walk in though and it's a completely different story! Gorgeous modern decor, clean and not to mention amazing views at breakfast looking over the whole city. Although the hotel isn't situated right in the centre this really wasn't an issue as if you walk right outside of the hotel there is a tram line that runs direct to the centre every 10 minutes or so. The tram ride takes about 10 minutes and was 24 euros for two people for 48 hours which I thought was really good!

When we arrived it was straight out to do a bit of sight seeing - we wasn't too sure where to get off on the tram but one stop said *dam square* which we assumed was pretty central so we hoped of there. The city itself is so beautiful - there are loads of gorgeous old style streets, bikes absolutely everywhere and you will also see your fair share of canals! Dam square is definitely worth a visit to take a few selfies, it's surrounded by gorgeous grand buildings and right in the centre of the shopping district. There is also a madam tuessurds and dungeons located there if you fancy doing either of those attractions! Also if you are catching trams make sure you stay on until the very last stop "Amsterdam central" - up until our last day we hadn't even been to this part and discovered loads of bars, restaurants and pancake houses.

After mooching around endless little streets, we took a trip to the famous red light district. We was both so intrigued to see what it was all about and well, let's just say I have never seen anything quite like it! Prostitutes standing in near enough every window in nothing but there underwear, sex shows on all day everyday, it was so crazy as obviously with prostitution being illegal in the UK you have never see anything like that, however in Amsterdam prostitution is completely legal. We went to the prostitution museum down the red light district which if i'm honest wasn't anything special but it was something to do, very inexpensive and we did find out a few intriguing facts about it all.

One thing I definitely DO recommend you do is to take a visit to supperclub in the evening. It is a luxury restaurant in which offers a unique dinning experience of having dinner served to you on a bed. Unfortunately we didn't book and so couldn't get in for the dinner :( so if you do want to go then definitely book in advanced. As we couldn't get in the restaurant and it was way too cold to walk out mooching for another one we turned dinner into drinks and had a few gorgeous cocktails in the downstairs bar. The cocktails are seriously so good - definitely try the pornstar martini! After having a few cocktails we was then directed upstairs as the dinning area turns into a club later in the evening.   Although we didn't get to eat there I was so glad we went as the place is just so amazing and a must see - the main room has lavish high ceilings and the decor is mordern/luxurious!

Another attraction that I really wanted to visit whilst in Amsterdam was the Anne Frank museum. I had been told by numerous people that it was a must visit and was really excited about going as I love a bit of history! We couldn't find it at first but our map was saying we was close so we popped our head around a tourist information point to see if we was close by.  Turned out we was only a street off the Anne Frank museum - the information lady pointed outside and said "see the end of that que over there? It's a 3 hour wait from that point". We went and had a little look to see if it really would be that much of a long wait and I couldn't believe how long the que really was... it was mental! Waiting 3 hours in sunshine would be tedious enough but in the freezing cold... there was no chance - so unfortunately we gave it pass and opted for a picture outside instead.

Overall, I thought Amsterdam was a really beautiful city. Plenty to do, lots of beautiful scenery and definitely a must visit! My only moan was that it was bitterly cold and you really did need to wrap up but hey that's my fault for choosing such a cold month to visit!

What are your thoughts on Amsterdam?

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